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Operation Vereinbarkeit (© Rostislav_Sedlacek)



Operation compatibility: cultural change in the hospital

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Multiplier event 2020

Programm Operation Vereinbarkeit

It has never been more important than today that (nursing) specialists can reconcile work and family. In view of the tense skilled worker situation in the nursing and health care sector, hospitals cannot avoid accommodating their employees when it comes to compatibility requirements. But how can shift systems be reconciled with family time? Which topics belong on the agenda of a reconciliation-oriented personnel and management work? How does leadership have to change?

There is no question that it takes courage to initiate sustainable cultural change. In times of intensified competition for qualified personnel and the noticeable change in values ​​of the coming generations (keyword: time instead of money), a compatibility-oriented corporate culture is a central component in order to be attractive for specialists and managers.

Experience a varied day, get new impulses for your operational practice and use the time for the proven exchange of experiences. Not only hospitals benefit from the event,
but (shift) companies in all industries, which we would like to cordially invite you to.

We are pleased that Federal Minister of Family Affairs Dr. Franziska Giffey has agreed and we can organize the event in cooperation with the German Hospital Society (DKG) and the Charité. Let us work together on solutions and make family friendliness the hallmark of the German care and health sector.


Das Familienbüro

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