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Student parents

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Student parents

Being a student parent is a major challenge. It is often more akin to a tightrope walk than a mere balancing act, trying one's hardest to do as well as possible at university while also living up to one's family responsibilities.

How can I successfully combine studies with a child/children? What childcare options are available? Who are the people I need to speak to?

Whether you are a student parent at the beginning of your studies or part-way through your course, you are likely to be looking for answers to these and many other questions.

The Office of Family Affairs would like to offer you their support in finding answers to your questions, sourcing relevant information, and finding a balance between study and family life.

Taking time out - 'Urlaubssemester'

Students enrolled at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin who would like to take some time out, may be granted a leave of absence during the following semester (provided there are valid reasons). The earliest point at which students may apply for a leave of absence is during re-registration for the following semester, and at latest 6 weeks after the start of the semester. Students must be able to provide valid reasons for the request.

The birth of a child and childcare are listed as valid reasons under § 9 (5) [section 9 (5)]. Leave of absence requests must be submitted in writing, and must be accompanied by a copy of the relevant sections of the student's 'Mutterpass' booklet (pregnancy record).

Information leaflet: Urlaubssemester (leave of absence)
Application form: Leave of absence application form

Please note: Leave of absence requests are not usually granted for the first semester of a course. Should such a request become necessary, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

Final year rotation (PJ) on a part-time basis

The option of completing the final year rotation on a part-time basis has been available since 2012.

Final year rotation on a part-time basis – Praktisches Jahr in Teilzeit_Änderung der ÄAppO 2012

Free meals for children

Children under 6 years of age eat for free in the canteen/dining room.

Children must be accompanied by a full paying parent (mother and/or father). To claim a free child's meal, please use the Kids-MensaCard and show a valid student card.

Only pasta dishes and the following subsidized meals qualify as free meals: 'Essen 1 and 2' (meals 1 and 2), 'Tellergericht' (one-course meal), 'Bioessen' (organic meal), soups, side dishes, salad, and desserts 'Aktionsessen' (daily specials). Snack items and drinks for sale in the canteen are not included in this offer.

For more information, please consult the following page: Kinderteller (free meals for children)

Attendance policy

Regular attendance is defined as attendance at a minimum of 85% of lectures.

No separate rules or regulations exist for students with children.

*For students enrolled under the Revised Medical Curriculum (Reformstudiengang), the 85% attendance rule also applies to seminars and practical sessions, as well as PBL groups, practicals, introduction to medical professions (Berufsfelderkundung) and observation placements (Praxisvormittage).

Program regulations:

- Regelstudiengang § 4 (2) – Traditional Medical Curriculum

- Reformstudiengang §8 (1), (2) – Revised Medical Curriculum

- Modelstudiengang § 14 (2) – New Revised Medical Curriculum

Financial support

For information on financial support, including 'Elterngeld' (parental leave allowance), 'Kindergeld' (children's allowance), and 'Bafög' (state funding for students), please go to the webpage of the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science.

Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Wissenschaft (Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science)

The brochure published by the 'Studentenwerk' student services organization also provides a very good overview of the financial support available to student parents.

AG ProMediKids der FSI

The FSI AG ProMediKids offers an exchange and experience platform for students with child(ren) (and those who want to become one). Questions, tips, exchange, problems (and solutions), information - you are not alone! Twice a year there are open meetings on the first Sunday in December and on the first Sunday in June from 19:00-21:00.

We also offer an on-site info meeting for new first-year students in September and March before the semester starts. The exact dates will be announced on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Discord).