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KidsMobil offers flexible child care for members of staff and students of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. For many years, KidsMobil has been using the services offered and funded by Socius – die Bildungspartner gGmbH. Qualifying members of staff and students can apply to use these services. Once an application has been approved, access to these services is free of charge. KidsMobil offers emergency child care. This service is not intended to replace regular child care arrangements.

KidsMobil offers emergency child care. This service is not intended to replace regular child care arrangements.

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KidsMobil for members of staff

Is your child sick? Has your regular child care provider suddenly become unavailable? Are you having to cover an unscheduled shift/overtime? If so, and you are a member of staff at Charité, you may access the services provided by KidsMobil.

Qualifying conditions for KidsMobil services:

  1. A child's sickness: a child who is recovering from an illness, but not yet well enough to go back to school or day care, will be cared for in their own home by a member of the KidsMobil team.
  2. Unscheduled shift/overtime: if there is a sudden and unplanned change to normal working arrangements, e.g. you are covering for colleague who is sick or absent, or having to work outside the hours covered by your regular child care arrangements (late shift, night shift, weekend shift)
  3. Sudden breakdown in childcare arrangements: if there is a sudden and short-term disruption to your normal childcare arrangements, e.g. illness/sudden unavailability of the regular babysitter or childminder, unexpected closure of the child's normal childcare facility or after school club
  4. Short-term changes to working time arrangements / overtime outside the childcare provider's normal opening hours
  5. Unplanned/unscheduled attendance at a scientific conference, committee work (e.g. if covering for a fellow committee member)



Who decides who qualifies for KidsMobil?

Your manager will decide whether your situation constitutes a work-related emergency. They will discuss the situation with you and decide on the precise duration of emergency cover required. They will then sign the request form before this is faxed or emailed to KidsMobil.

Please make sure to ring the KidsMobil coordinating office, to allow them to get in touch with the care providers.

Please note the following:

If you wish to speak to a member of staff, please contact us on weekdays between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm. A member of staff will always be available to speak to you.
Naturally, you can also contact us at other times. If you cannot get hold of us, please leave us a message detailing the exact cover you require: number and age of children requiring care, as well as the date(s), duration and location for which this care is required.

For requests registered by midday, emergency childcare will be available within 24 hours (usually from the following morning). In exceptional cases, childcare may be available later on the same day.

How KidsMobil services work:

1. A member of our staff will care for your child and up to one sibling in your own home. Three or more children will incur an extra hourly fee. One carer can provide care to a maximum of four children (the exact number depends on the ages involved).

2. This service is only available to members of staff with parental rights or legal guardianship rights for the child/children to be looked after.

3. The child/children will usually be cared for in your own home. You have the option of meeting the carer prior to the session, in order to get to know them and to discuss details of the care to be provided. You can also use this meeting to arrange for a hand-over of keys, explain the use of specific rooms or electronic devices (TV, stereo, etc.), and to sign the childcare services agreement.

4. This getting-to-know-you meeting will last a maximum of 2 hours. Following discussion with, and approval by, your manager, this session needs to be requested by fax, and will be charged at the same rate as childcare.

5. Other venues to be included as part of the childcare session (e.g. playground, cinema, etc.) will need to be agreed in writing. This also includes any transport arrangements (e.g. pick-up/drop-off). The clock starts with pick-up from the childcare facility. If other venues or transport services have been agreed upon prior to the session, any transport costs incurred as a result will be paid for by the parent(s). Carers must be reimbursed for such expenses at the end of the session.

6. If you know you will be delayed for work-related reasons, and the session cannot be concluded on time (because you cannot make it back in time), please inform the carer, KidsMobil and your manager as soon as possible. Any additional time incurred will be charged at the normal rate.

7. If a pre-booked session is no longer required, the booking must be canceled. Cancellation notifications must reach the KidsMobil coordinating office and the relevant carer at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start of the session in order to avoid incurring any charges.

8. Each booking must be for a minimum of three hours. A three-hour minimum charge will apply to all bookings.

9. While childcare can be provided at any time, including during the night and at weekends, bookings can only be taken Mondays to Fridays.

10. These childcare services are available for children aged between 3 months and 14 years.

How to book a KidsMobil getting-to-know-you or childcare session:

Please use the following contact details to get in touch with KidsMobil:

phone: 030 / 9700 28 86

fax: 030 / 200 78 465

mobile: 0151-54 37 57 10

E-mail: kidsmobil(at)

We want to ensure that KidsMobil works for all involved, and that our flexible childcare concept remains a success. We can only do this if you provide us with information, ideas and suggestions.We look forward to working closely with you and hope to be able to provide you with the support you need to achieve a better balance between work and family life.